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Our Racing club is run as a not for profit "Social Enterprise". Once all running costs are covered any excess monies from membership subscriptions and prize money are re-invested into associated Point to Point racing initiatives such as Sponsoring races including Hunter chases, funding support to young jockeys and sponsorship of Pony racing, promotion and sponsorship of young jockey apprenticeship schemes and the marketing of pointing in general.

The Number of horses within our Racing club is determined by the number of members/subscribers. As soon as the running costs of one horse are covered we can add another horse and so on and so on.

PSC Racing Club

Captain Tommy horse

Horse Name: Captain Tommy

Age: 10 years old

Bio: Purchased from Tattersalls. Tommy is a handsome 10 year old bay gelding with a wonderful temperament and good looks. His career started in Ireland. He moved across the water and lost his maiden tag emphatically over hurdles at Fontwell and quickly followed up winning again at Wincanton, he was competitive at Class 2 hurdles before going novice chasing. He was consistent ever since, winning 3 Chases namely the Staffordshire Plate.

He wears his head on his sleeve and is a gutsy performer. He is versatile regards to the ground running well in all conditions. He stays very well and has a bit of class about him.

So far this season he has been very impressive winning two Hunter Chases in February and March, including the Ludlow Gold Up!

Trainer: Trained by the excellent Fred Timmis in Malpas, Cheshire.

What’s included?

  • Yard and Gallop visits
  • Raceday hospitality
  • Weekly video and photo updates
  • Raceday paddock enclosure
  • Meet the trainer
  • Meet the Jockey

Cost: Just £9.99 per month.

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The following words shall have the meanings set out below:

1 "business": the business of forming, marketing and managing racehorse and breeding syndicates as carried on by the PSC.

2 "Commencement Date": the period from point of subscription.

3 "general terms and conditions": the terms and conditions set out in this document which govern all syndicates.

4 "horse" or "racehorse": any horse acquired by the PSL for the purpose of forming a Racing club.

5 "Intellectual Property": all industrial and intellectual property rights now or subsequently owned by or licensed to the PSC (including without limitation) domain names, patents, trademarks and service marks (whether registered or unregistered), registered designs, unregistered designs and copyrights (and any applications for any of the same) which are used in connection with the business and all confidential information so owned and used.

6 "PSC": Pointing Syndicate Company.

7 "Members": all such persons in one racing club who have a membership interest in the same horse for whom that racing club was formed. The term "Member" shall relate to one person in such a club.

8 "Membership": the document issued by the PSC to the Member on successful completion of the application process to become a Member in any given racing club and formation of that racing club.

9 "Membership Interest": means an equal division of the membership interest of a horse as determined by PSC at its absolute discretion.

10 "Membership Subscription Fee": the published amount that the PSC required for an applicant to become a Member of any given syndicate.

11 "Racing Club": a racehorse membership club formed, marketed or managed by the PSC for the purpose of the business.

12 "Racing Club Period": being the period from the Commencement Date of a syndicate.

13 "terms and conditions": all such terms and conditions issued by the PSC that govern one specified racing club alone and are described by the PSC as being specific to that racing club.

14 "Terms and Conditions": means both the general terms and conditions and racing club terms and conditions in relation to any one club.


The PSC carries on the business of forming, marketing and managing racehorse syndicates.


The Terms and Conditions herein form the basis of the contract between the Racing club and the Member. An application by an individual to join a racing club shall be deemed to be an offer to purchase a membership interest, pursuant to the Terms and Conditions. The issuing of a Membership shall be confirmation of the acceptance of the consumer's offer.


4.1 The racing club and all matters associated with it shall be managed by the PSC whose decisions shall be final, binding on the Racing Club Members and not open to query or appeal. If any person considering becoming a Member is not happy with this, they should not proceed with their application to become a Member.

4.2 The choice of racing silks and Racing Club name will be the PSC decision alone.

4.3 The PSC owns the business, the horses and the Intellectual Property. The PSC derives its income from managing the racing club. The Members are the valued clients of the business and all client information is strictly confidential. The data relating to the PSC's clients are protected by, and subject to The Data Protection Act 1998. Any attempt to access the client database or to obtain any personal information relating to the Members (including for example names, addresses or other personal information) by any means is prohibited.


5.1 A membership buys the Member into an ongoing racing club from the Commencement Date.

5.2 The Membership can be terminated by either party at any given time. If Members wish to sign up again after termination there is a cooling off period of 3 months before they can re subscribe subject to availability.

5.3 Any payments received are non refundable.

5.4 A Membership Interest cannot be subdivided but a Member can hold more than one Membership in any racing club or syndicate.

5.5 A Membership cannot be purchased by a person under the age of 18 or shared.

5.6 The PSC alone determines how many Memberships are to be offered in a horse or horses.

5.7 Membership Interests shall not in any way be transferred, transmitted, given or offered for sale or otherwise disposed of. The Membership Interests may not be charged or offered or granted as security to anyone other than to the PSC. The Membership Interests may not be subject to any third party rights or interests.

5.8 A Member must only use his/her Membership Interest for personal enjoyment and must not use the Membership Interest for any commercial purpose, regardless of whether or not it is a profit making venture.

5.9 In the event of the death of a Member, prior to the dissolution of the racing club, all rights and liabilities attached to that Membership Interest shall pass to the personal representatives of that Member's estate.

5.10 The price payable by the Member for the Membership Interest, covers all costs associated with racing and training the racehorse, for the duration of the term of the racing club.

5.11 Consumer Legislation gives the Member the right to cancel a new contract they enter into with the Syndicate within 14 days of the date it is concluded (agreed). A Member can cancel their new membership interest purchase by returning their membership interest within 14 days of purchase and the PSC will refund their payment in full.

5.12 Members can leave the racing club at any given time. At the end of each season it will be determined by PSC alone if the assigned club horse remains in training or is sold, if the later a new horse will be purchased for the racing club and Members will then be invited to make a decision whether or not to continue into the next Period.

5.13 The quantity of membership interests being sold in the new racing club will be the same as the previous one.

5.14 Membership is ongoing. If a member cancels subscription at any point and the involvement will also cease at this time.

5.15 Prize money is retained by PSC to be used to cover running costs, management fees and hospitality. Then any monies to be used to re-invest into associated point to point sponsorships and related promotional activities.

5.16 Where a horse dies during a Racing Club Period a replacement horse will be purchased so the racing club continues.

5.17 Horses that have been assigned will not be sold during a Season Period.

5.18 The annual membership fee is broken down into monthly subscription payments.


Where the PSC and/or the Racing club fees relating to the management and racing/training, amount to a sum greater than the aggregate of the PSC and the racing clubs actual costs, the Members shall not be entitled to any refund. Conversely, Members are not asked for any additional payments where the PSC and/or the racing club incurs costs greater than the Members Subscription Fee during the term of any club. The Membership Subscription Fee covers the pro rata costs associated with racing and training the racehorse, for the duration of the term of the racing club, save for any costs involved in racing outside of Great Britain (racehorse transport, race entry fees/supplements, trainer/jockey/groom/PSC representative expenses) and Group/Listed/Graded/Premier Handicap race entry fees in Great Britain, which shall be deducted (at cost price) from the total net prize money accrued by the horse. In the event that the costs for Group/Listed/Graded/Premier Handicap races are not covered by overall prize money won by the relevant horse in the Racing club Period, the loss will be absorbed by the PSC and the Racing club and therefore no further payment will be required from any Member, in any event.


7.1 Most racecourses impose restrictions on the number of people allowed into the paddock and winner's enclosure, for health and safety reasons. The number of the Members in a relevant racing club who want to enter the paddock, more often than not, exceeds the racecourse's figure.

In such cases a ballot will be held to determine the 'owners badge' allocation.

This may or may not be on a complimentary basis but whatever the case, applies to the one race on the card for which the relevant horse is running. Members may not enter the pre-parade ring area, even if they are in possession of an 'owners badge'. Entry costs to the racecourse are normally the responsibility of the Member. If a Member is successful in obtaining an owners' badge but is subsequently unable to attend, they must inform the office as soon as possible, so that the badge can be offered to an alternative Member. If a successful Member fails to show (without letting the office know in advance), this will have a negative impact on their chances of obtaining an owners' badge during the Period.

7.2 Any Member who is granted a racecourse 'owners badge' agrees to abide by the racecourse dress code.

7.3 Stable visits to the relevant trainer's yard are organised from time to time. These stable visits can become oversubscribed, A ballot will usually be held for each visit therefore, no guarantee of a place can be made. In a ballot, there will be no priority for early applications, so the Member can apply up until the published ballot closing date. A Member can bring one guest (more at some visits).

7.4 The PSC may from time to time take photographs or video footage at the racecourse or at a stable event. By attending such an event, Members accept that such photography may take place and that it may be used by the PSC in the public domain with no payment made to any participant. Members not wishing to appear, need to position themselves behind the camera but there are still no guarantees of exclusion. Members also need to be aware that various television companies will show live or recorded scenes at the racecourse or at a trainer's yard.

7.5 Where a declared horse becomes a non-runner in a race, PSC will endeavour to relay this information to Members as soon as possible, but there could be occasions where we are unable to do this. All decisions relating to entries and declarations are made by the trainer, meaning a horse becoming a non-runner is beyond the control of PSC.

Therefore, PSC can not accept any responsibility or liability in relation to a horse not running in a race. A horse can be withdrawn from a race for a number of reasons, including the health/fitness of the horse, or a change to the 'official going' (ground conditions).

7.6 All Intellectual Property, including, without limitation, all intellectual property rights relating to the image and name of any horse, the PSC name, logo and the racing colours are and shall remain legally and beneficially vested with the PSC alone.

7.7 Under the Rules Of Racing, a person holding a membership interest in a racehorse is permitted to place bets on that horse, in the same way that any other punter does. This is known as ‘backing the horse’. However, it is against the Rules to act in a ‘bookmaker’ capacity for that horse, for example, on a betting exchange, this is known as ‘laying the horse’.


8.1 Prize Money is retained by PSC. Members have no entitlement to prize money and it is PSC alone that shall manage the financial accounts. These accounts however will be made available for each member to see at the end of each financial year upon request.

8.2 Where a perpetual trophy is won by a winning horse, it shall be awarded to the PSC.


9.1 Where a horse does not live up to expectations on the racecourse, or fails to make it to the racecourse, the Members shall not be entitled to any refund. Where prolonged training is not in the best interest of the welfare of the horse, the horse will be retired, Members will not receive any refund. However a replacement horse will be purchased so the racing club can continue.

9.2 The PSC may decide at any time to retire a horse (normally with little or no residual value) to a rehabilitation centre (or anywhere), in which event the Members shall not receive any refund.


10.1 Choice of trainer shall be vested with the PSC alone. The PSC may decide to change trainers for any reason whatsoever.

10.2 All decisions relating to training and racing are normally placed in the charge of the trainer whilst the horse is in his/her care.


11.1 Raceday hospitality is offered and limited to a maximum of 12 members plus one guest each per raceday. The participants are selected by using a ballot system.


A Member shall have no voting or decision making rights relating to any aspect of the operation and/or running of the racing club.


If at any time one or more of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable under any law or is held by a court to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions hereof shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.


The PSC reserves the right at its discretion to amend or vary the Terms and Conditions from time to time and will supply the syndicate Members with copies of the latest revised version which shall apply with effect from the date stated in that latest version.


The contract (including for the avoidance of doubt the Terms and Conditions) shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of England, and the Member and the PSC hereby agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


The failure by the PSC to enforce at any time or for any period any one or more of the Terms and Conditions shall not be a waiver of them or of the right at any time subsequently to enforce any or all Terms and Conditions.


17.1 If any provisions of the general terms and conditions at any time conflict with any provisions of the Racing Club terms and conditions, the clubs terms and conditions shall prevail.

17.2 Any person who is banned from entering a racecourse and/or 'warned off' by the British Horseracing Authority, cannot become a client of the racing club.

17.3 All text created by the PSC (including, but not limited to, all horse reports and these terms and conditions), as well as all photographic images, both still and moving, including written and spoken words, are subject to copyright law and cannot be copied or transmitted in any format. The image and/or name of any PSC horse, in any format, cannot be exploited for any commercial purpose (whether or not for profit). These restrictions include the placing of material within social media sites, such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

17.4 Any personal information the Member provides to the Syndicate including and similar to the Member’s name, address, telephone number and email address will not be released, sold, or rented to any entities or individuals, unless explicitly stated below:
(a) to HMRC;
(b) to manufacturers of mail order items (this data will only be stored for the purposes of manufacturing/sending the item); or
(c) to an event host, such as a racecourse.

17.6 Whilst these Terms and Conditions are comprehensive, and we believe compliant with fair trading practices prescribed by Consumer Protection Legislation, if the Member disputes any element of our service, your recourse is to write in the first instance, detailing the nature of your complaint and we will attempt to resolve the issue. Write to: Contracts Department via email.