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> Yard & Gallop Visits
> Raceday Hospitality

> Raceday Paddock entrance
> Weekly Video / Photo updates

> Meet the Trainer
> Meet the Jockey

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Pointing Syndicate Company

Offering a fun Racehorse ownership experience via our Racing club or shared Racehorse ownership via one of our syndicates.

Our Racing club is run as a not for profit "Social Enterprise". Once all running costs are covered any excess monies from membership subscriptions and prize money are re-invested into associated Point to Point racing initiatives such as Sponsoring races including Hunter chases, funding support to young jockeys and sponsorship of Pony racing, promotion and sponsorship of young jockey apprenticeship schemes and the marketing of pointing in general. The Number of horses within our Racing club is determined by the number of members/subscribers. As soon as the running costs of one horse are covered we can add another horse and so on and so on.

Our Syndicates are formed and organised with the aim of investing into the buying of young horses to introduce into pointing as a career start before moving onto be national hunt stars of the future.

Hospitality horse box trailer

Raceday Hospitality

Racing Club members can enjoy a Luxurious Picnic served from our Car boot in typical Pointing fashion.

A wide selection of food, drinks and desserts are available to make your day a bit more special. This is limited to 12 members plus one guest per raceday so a ballot system is used to select the lucky ones.

Pointing Syndicate Co owners with their horses

Yard & Gallop Visits

We regularly organise yard and gallop visits for both Racing club and syndicate members. These are a great way to see the horses up close and a another way to meet the trainer.

For Racing club members we limit these to a maximum of 12 members per visit so a ballot system is used to select the lucky ones.

Horse being ridden in Cheshire

Weekly Video /
Photo Updates

We keep you updated with regular videos and photos of the racing club and Syndicate horses. Also passing on any other information and notes of interest from the trainer.

You will be added to the racing club and Syndicate WhatsApp group and here you can also interact with other members directly.

Horse trainer in Manchester

Meet the Trainer
& Jockey

On Racedays you can meet the trainer and jockey either in the paddock, at the van or in the hospitality area.

Trainers are also readily available to chat to at yard and gallop visits, along with work riders.

Horse Jockeys on race day

Raceday Paddock Enclosure

Enjoy paddock enclosure experience prior to race. Mingle with other owners, trainers and jockeys as pre race adrenaline starts to kick in.

If we win, enjoy the experience of the Winners area. Paddock & Winners enclosure is limited to 12 members (pre determined by ballot) due to health & safety.